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Understanding Guardianship

Guardianship is designed to protect and exercise the legal rights of minor children and incapacitated adults who are unable to make their own decisions. According to a report from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), there are about 1.5 million individuals under guardianship in the United States.

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The Benefits of A Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust can be established using one’s own funds or by relatives or friends using their money. If you or a loved one needs the benefits of a special needs trust and you’re located in or around Boca Raton, Florida, contact me — Eric H. Light, P.A. — to steer you through the requirements of setting up such a trust. I will confer one-on-one with you and make sure your trust meets the unique needs of the individual in need.

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Why Use an Attorney to Draft Estate Planning Documents Over Using an Online Form?

Without a doubt, we live in a “DIY” world. Most of us are willing to do some work ourselves to save the cost of hiring a knowledgeable professional. This is as true with our wills and other estate planning documents as it is with constructing built-in bookshelves in the family room.

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Everything You Need To Know About Guardianship Law

Are you facing a legal crisis? Are you in a situation where you need to appoint a legal guardian for yourself or someone in your family?

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Guide: The Purpose Of A Living Trust Lawyer

Putting together your own legal documents sounds like a good idea. Your assets get the protection you want and you’re saving money.

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How An Estate Attorney Can Save Your Family

According to a recent study, 64% of Americans don’t have a will. This often creates problems for families and estates when a death occurs. That’s why it’s important to have an estate attorney.

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