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How An Estate Attorney Can Save Your Family

Jan. 17, 2018

According to a recent study, 64% of Americans don’t have a will. This often creates problems for families and estates when a death occurs. That’s why it’s important to have an estate attorney.

During a time of a death, emotions run high and family problems can run even higher. An estate attorney helps mediate these in 3 simple ways.

1. Non-Biased Party

One of the most important roles of an attorney is that they are removed from the emotions. When a death occurs your family members may struggle with a wide variety of emotions and grief. Depression, anger, and denial are just of few of these.

An attorney can help mediate between all of these emotions without seeming uncaring or forceful. However, if a family member is put into a leadership role, it could cause unnecessary divisions and arguments.

2. Helps with Estate Planning Before Death

While an attorney is great at helping when a crisis occurs, one of their more important roles is preemptive planning.

Death can be extremely hard on families, even more so if nothing is prepared or planned beforehand. That’s where the attorney comes. Estate attorneys can help prepare the correct legal documents and plans in advance.

First, they can help create a will. Attorneys are great at anticipating and avoiding conflict, but a will can do much more than an attorney can.

Wills can help determine what property goes where. A good will can avoid petty arguments over possessions and money.

Unfortunately, wills aren’t always made. Here’s what to do if someone dies without a will.

Not only can an attorney help create a legal and binding will, but they also can guide you in the best estate planning discussions to have with your kids or family members.

Another way to avoid tension in the family is to name a trustor or an executor. This involves some legal paperwork, so it is best to work with an attorney on this as well.

3. Keeps Everything Up-to-Date

Another important reason to work with an attorney is to keep all of your information up-to-date. Things constantly change in life. A will you wrote 5 years ago may not have the information it needs today.

It’s important to update for estate plan whenever a major change occurs. This is especially recommended after a divorce. States have different laws, so while one state might nullify the financial obligation, another might keep it.

An attorney will help you to navigate between all of the different state and federal estate laws.

Hire an Estate Attorney Today

Life is unpredictable. We never know how much time we have left. That is why it is important to be prepared, regardless of the circumstances.

Learn how to find the best estate attorney for you and your family. The right attorney not only knows how to manage the legal aspects but as the emotional and family values as well.

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