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Eric Light

Eric H. Light Esq.

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After graduating with his Juris Doctor degree from Stetson University College of Law in 2000, Eric Light Esq. pursued a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree in Estate Planning from the University of Miami School of Law. Being a family-oriented man, specializing in estate planning was a natural decision for him. This focus fulfills a desire to help others set plans that protect their families' futures. Eric's approach to any case is personal, and he prefers to work outside of the courtroom, on a one-on-one basis with all of his clients. This allows him to get to know you, your situation and goals, and how to meet your needs through the legal services that he provides.


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Minor details matter in your estate plan, so Eric H. Light Esq. will thoroughly analyze every aspect of your estate, your assets, and your family situation before presenting you with all of the available options. Only then will he determine which direction is best.


Eric H. Light Esq. understands that planning beyond your life can be unsettling and that the decisions you have to make aren't easy. He provides personal support and clarity as he explains your options and builds your plan.

Highly Responsive

Communication is everything. That's why, when you call his office, you will speak with Eric H. Light Esq. directly. If you cannot reach him immediately, he will get back with you promptly. Eric strives to offer attentive and honest counsel from start to finish.

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Proactive Planning For The Future

The law office of Eric H. Light Esq. is located in Boca Raton, Florida. From there, he provides you with personalized, proactive planning and protection. Attorney Light prides himself on the fact that he can meet many client demands because of his incredible attention to detail and the ability to focus on each attorney-client relationship. With reasonable fees and a strong line of communication, Eric will make sure that you feel at ease with making complicated life and business decisions.

When you think about the future, there's more planning to consider beyond your end-of-life wishes. As an estate planning attorney, Eric can help you establish a plan in case you suddenly fall ill and are unable to make decisions for yourself. Additionally, he can assist you with plans to provide for your family’s future after you pass or help with powers of attorney, medical directives, wills, and trusts.

Knowing the many types of estate planning tools and the benefits of each of them is essential when determining which is best for you. Attorney Light can draft and administer revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, grantor retained annuity and qualified personal residence trusts. His practice also handles irrevocable life insurance and special needs trusts. Trying to navigate the legalities and paperwork can be difficult on your own. Let Eric H. Light Esq. make the process easier for you.

If you are wondering when you should consult with an attorney about setting up an estate plan, the time to call is now. You don't have to be nearing retirement or even have an established career to start making a plan. Call to speak with attorney Light and schedule a consultation. He will sit down with you and discuss your situation so that you can make informed decisions about determining the right path for you.